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Vactaion needed ... again


Although I just got back from a nine-day vacation at Burning Man--running around amongst neo-hippies, artists, performers, ravers, nudists and the like--I feel like I need another vacation. We have been writing thousands of words in preparation for this Best of Boise issue--our annual love-fest with the city where we try our darndest to point out the good things about the place we call home.

You helped, too. For two months, you've been asked to vote online for your favorites and, let me tell you, it is no easy task to manage the nominees, the poll takers, remind people via e-mail to finish voting, track and spy on those that try to cheat, and tally all the answers. It's a tough job, but somebody's got to take it seriously. I've been fending off requests from readers, business owners and our own staff as to who has won. Sometimes I give misleading information to throw them off. Other times, I just smile knowingly, hoping they beg.

Secrecy has it's power and for about three weeks now, I've been the most powerful person at the paper. Our secrets are divided into my editorial cells and only the mastermind, moi, knew all the answers. Muuauhhhahahhaaaa. But now it's over. After reading this issue, you'll know them, too. And my power over the secrets will have evaporated like the last few clouds left over from Hurricane Rita. Now all we have to look forward to is the complaints from people who disagreed with us.