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USB Condom

Protect your parts


You're at the airport on a four-hour layover and your phone battery is down to 10 percent. You need juice, and the gentleman sitting next to you on one of those airport terminal bucket seats offers to let you charge your phone using a USB cable. He looks like an upstanding guy--his shirt is tucked in, his glasses are free of smudges and he sounds like he might be British--but you're wary of what might happen if his computer has a worm that will cause an unwanted data transfer from his computer to your phone.

An image suddenly pops into your head: Your bank accounts have been drained and your identity has been stolen. You can take your chances with the handsome-but-possibly-dubious fellow traveler, or don't get gored, wrap your cord--with The USB Condom.

The digital prophylactic looks like a tiny motherboard with a plastic sleeve that slides over your USB charger, blocking its data pins while allowing use of its electricity input pins. Like real condoms, USB Condoms aren't one-size-fits-all: They come in six configurations to port to your phone. Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry.