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Uprising Boise: The Paint Fight

Friday, March 4


"Once a year, the most dedicated thrill-seekers join together in a blackened-out warehouse," organizers of Uprising Boise: The Paint Fight say. "We've submerged the room with every blacklight available in the state."

We haven't fact-checked that.

"In the midst of a Cirque Du Soleil-style dance party, we divvy out squirt guns filled with fluorescent UV paint along with highlighters and glow-sticks." We're told it's nontoxic and water-soluble. We haven't fact-checked that, either.

"Then you get to have the most colorful, mayhem-filled, crazy GLOW IN THE DARK PAINT FIGHT EVER [sic]."

D.J. Marcus Wing will spin tunes, and VIPs get exclusive access to the upstairs bar and their very own paint cannon launch stations to "shoot, drop, launch, rain and drench" the crowd in neon paint. The event is for those 16 and older.