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Up, Up and Away


In a photo from the National Democratic Convention, former President Bill Clinton is brushing the back of his hand across an oversized red balloon that has dropped from the ceiling. The look on his face is one of childlike delight.

The DNC marked the official beginning of the contest for the next President of the United States, but the question of who will succeed President Barack Obama has been a topic of conversation in the news, on social media and at cocktail parties for more than a year. People seem to be, not surprisingly, exhausted with national politics. Bill Clinton's balloon moment was a kind of reprieve.

Here at Boise Weekly, we strive to keep things fresh and local. This week, legislators will convene at the Idaho Statehouse to consider faith healing and its impacts on Gem State children—In the 1970s, Idaho passed a law granting exemptions from prosecution in cases where parents had denied their children medical care on account of religious beliefs. Stay tuned for coverage of that meeting, which is scheduled to take place on Thursday, Aug. 4.

In this week's edition, News Editor George Prentice looks at a recent Idaho Environmental Forum about dams on the Snake River. While some argue hydroelectric dams on one of the West's most significant waterways are pivotal to electricity production, others argue the threats posed to fish and other wildlife by the dams is too high and press for use of more solar and wind energy.

In more lighthearted news, this week's Citizens are Cassandra Bissell and Juan Rivera LeBron, the stars of Idaho Shakespeare Festival's production of Twelfth Night. Interesting fact: Neither of them have fixed addresses; they're nomad thespians at the top of their games.

Sometimes the malaise creeps so deep, we turn to booze, so we convened a panel to concoct and drink mai tais. BW intern Greta Gardner served as mixologist and author for this week's feature on the classic tiki drink, in which she includes a little history of this tropical delight and showcases two fine rums. Find it on Page 24.

Whatever your level of enthusiasm or ennui, maybe all you need is a red balloon—and this week's edition of Boise Weekly.