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United Water Says It Wants 13.2 Percent Increase; PUC Says It Needs Six Months to Investigate


United Water, which provides service to tens of thousands of business and residential customers in the Boise area, says it wants a rate increase of approximately 13.2 percent that would bump up an average residential bill by about $4.22 per month.

United Water says it needs the increase to recoup more than $39 million to offset its capital improvements to replace aging water mains and meters, replacement of treatment facilities, a replacement of a storage tank near Bogus Basin road and new auxiliary power equipment to ensure what it said would be an uninterrupted water supply during electric outages.

But the Idaho Public Utilities Commission says it needs a full six months to allow time for its staff of auditors, engineers and attorneys to investigate the request. The PUC added that the burden of proof was on the the utility to justify the expenses United Water seeks to recover.

The public is invited to review United Water's application at Under the "water" heading, click on "open cases" and scroll down to Case No. UWI-W-15-01.