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United States of Indie Rock, July 2, Linen Building


Local bands Finn Riggins, Low-fi and The Very Most have all experienced successes outside of the Treasure Valley. Finn Riggins spends their weekends playing in other towns and seeing good crowds even in places they haven't played before. They were also included on the Friends and Friends of Friends Vol. 2 compilation CD put out by cool little Portland-based label Tender Loving Empire, on which they will also release their new album due out in October.

Low-fi recently won an award from New York City's Home Grown TV for their video "Where You Are," which snagged the most votes ever in one month and the band is slated to play the Midpoint Festival in Cincinnati this summer. The Very Most has had several songs included on British label Indiecater Records compilations and put out a well-produced quirky animated video for "Good Fight Fighting," a promising single.

On Thursday, all three bands join up for an all-ages show being billed as the United States of Indie Rock. The Linen Building is positing itself as the fresh, new downtown music venue and hosting these groups together and opening the show to all ages is a smart way to do that and something the bands see as a major plus. Finn Riggins' Eric Gilbert and Low-fi's Todd Sloan both agreed that all three bands are different yet similar enough that the music should appeal to fans of any one of the three.

Finn Riggins, Low-fi and The Very Most seem to be teetering on the edge of national recognition and fans around here get that. They flock to see each band when they play as if it might be the last chance before one of their faves hits the big time. To see all three of them together, well, that's just a little slice of indie heaven.

Thursday, July 2, 7 p.m., $5. The Linen Building, 1402 W. Grove St.,