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United Roots, Sept. 22, Reef


Saturday, Sept. 22 Reef was standing room only. It's always fun there, but that Saturday had the added benefit of featuring Boise's own world-music, tribal-jam, reggae band, United Roots. In fact, for most of the show, the dance floor was almost too full to provide any elbow room. Though it is a very rare occasion indeed, I made it onto the dance floor for a couple of numbers. I didn't catch the entire show, but the only time that I didn't see people dancing was during the occasional break from the groovy, authentic, roots-reggae jams in which the band would play what I can only assume was a traditional world-music standard. I like to think it gave the dancers a chance to drink their appletinis and the band a chance to show that they really have the roots in United Roots. All in all, I was never left wanting while watching this band, except for one minor little thing. I wanted more guitar. United Roots is endowed with Jay Matts, a great guitarist. Throughout the evening, he would offer up appropriate and well-played guitar solos that reminded me of the distinct playing of Peter Tosh. However, I got the feeling that reggae was only the tip of the iceberg as far as Matts' stylistic range is concerned. United Roots is a great addition to any night out, so stay tuned, check your listings and support local music.