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Under the Dome and Under Review


And so it begins: Legislature 2012.

We sent a team of reporters--cameras and notebooks in hand--to cover Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter's State of the State address on January 9, which publicly kicked off the 2012 lawmaking season. If you missed the speech and haven't had a chance to catch the recap, visit boiseweekly.com and look for the Citydesk post titled "Live Coverage: State of the State Address 2012." There, you'll find text of the entire speech, an archive of our live blog during the speech, and a collection of video interviews offering post-speech reactions with lawmakers like Boise Rep. Brian Cronin and Nampa Rep. Brent Crane, as well as Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna, Idaho Freedom Foundation director Wayne Hoffman and Idaho Democratic Party director Shelley Landry.

In Boise Weekly, this week kicks off Unda the Rotunda, our weekly column on the Legislature with News Editor George Prentice's piece "Three Numbers to Watch During the 2012 Legislature." Every week between now and the Ledge's sine die, Unda the Rotunda will offer an alternative take on what's happening under the dome.

Brand new this week is an A&E column called Week in Review. We spend a lot of time and space in print telling you what's coming up on the A&E scene each week, but we don't spend a whole lot of time or space telling you how those events went down. Though we've long published reviews online, we've decided it's time to bring those elements into print. While we may still, from time to time, dedicate an entire space to a play or CD review, for example, the Week in Review will highlight a handful of the best--and when warranted, the worst--events of the past week in local A&E.

And finally, do you know of an organization that regularly needs volunteer help? We're putting together our annual volunteer guide and we'd be happy to list your volunteer opportunities. Email the info to Features Editor Deanna Darr at deanna@boiseweekly.com.