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Uncle Lar at Hijinx


When he tells a joke, Larry Reeb often follows a standard set-up/punchline method. But the Chicago-born comic--whose Midwestern accent and laid-back, weighted enunciation evoke images of an old-timey radio sportscaster--is anything but standard. He's funny, he's caustic, and he's deceptive. Uncle Lar, as he's known, is usually dressed in a suit and tie and looks like he actually could be a relative. The nice, quiet one with the decent job and not too much to say. So it's surprising to hear Uncle Lar open his wide mouth, blink slowly and begin a deliberate no-holds-barred delivery on everything: He drawls out jokes about people on welfare, how an artist tried to convince him taking a dump was performance art and how ridiculous he thinks it is that hunting is legal but bestiality is not.

Uncle Lar has an opinion on everything and useful advice to go with it, ending his bits of wisdom with, "That's a tip from your Uncle Lar."

For example, even though he doesn't have any children (a trip to a Toys 'R' Us store on a Saturday afternoon apparently squelched that desire), he has some ideas when it comes to discipline (you can find this clip as part of the "Funny White Guys" series on

"You know what works on kids? Embarrass 'em. They hate to be embarrassed. I was with my nephew in a restaurant. He was actin' up and I go, 'You keep it up and I'm gonna take off my pants and sit in the butter.' So now I'm on probation. But he don't act up in restaurants anymore. Another tip from your Uncle Lar."

Wednesday, Jan. 13-Sunday, Jan. 17, 8 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, second show starts at 10:15 p.m., 800 W. Idaho St., Suite 200, 208-947-7100,