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U of I Says It Wants Cash Before Disclosing Public Documents on Gassing Feral Cats


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Officials at the University of Idaho say they want some cash before they disclose any public records concerning the school's cat-killing scandal.

In late August, U of I officials confirmed they had been trapping feral cats around the Moscow campus before euthanizing them in a gas chamber built by the campus veterinarian. While university officials said they had permission for the trapping, it turns out no one at the state or local level had given the go-ahead. 

The Moscow-Pullman Daily News, which broke the story, requested public records concerning the university's activities with the feral cats. Specifically, the newspaper asked for emails and documents from U of I Veterinarian Peter Autenried. On Aug. 31, the university's general counsel communicated to the Daily News that the school would respond within 10 business days of the request. But, on Sept. 19, the Daily News reported it received an email from the U of I asking for $350.93 before it would get to work searching for the records.

"The University will not expend the time and resources necessary to identify and gather the responsive records at the risk of taxpayer funds," the university wrote to the Daily News in an email."Consequently, you will be required to deliver advance payment in certified funds in the amount of $350.93 prior to the University commencing this process."

The Daily News reports it delivered a cashier's check for $350.93 early Tuesday morning to the university.