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Typography Class at Muse

by messageboard user "oldnick" has something to say to all those graphic designers out there who don't pay for their fancy fonts:

"Your lame attempt to excuse your behavior with the bromide 'everybody does it' doesn't hold water; everybody did it on Wall Street, and it cost the American taxpayers the better part of a trillion dollars to clean up the mess."

Sound a little harsh comparing pirated fonts to the excesses of Wall Street? According to local designer Amy Granger, like pirated music and software, font theft has become a real problem in the typography industry.

"The world of type foundries and typography and type designers are struggling with those same choices that record labels do ... it's all sort of Pandora's Box in terms of trying to keep control of it," said Granger.

If you want to learn more about contentious issues in type design--or brush up on type history and terminology--Granger is offering a four-part course on typography at the Muse Building. Beginning on Thursday, May 20, and running through Thursday, June 10, you can learn the ancient art form of typography and how to form and construct an alphabet of your own in "a fresh and creative way."

So, put a stop to your type-thieving ways and take Granger's fontastic typography course. Remember: pirating design is infontile.

Thursdays, May 20-June 10, 6:30-8:30 p.m., $200 for four classes, The Muse Building, 1317 W. Jefferson St. For more information, contact