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Typhoon Storms Boise

Saturday, March 26, Neurolux


Portland indie-rockers Typhoon are masters of the space between sounds. Their 2010 album Hunger and Thirst has so much space it could be melodic Morse code. Drum rims and staccato guitar subtly interweave with horns and choir-style backup vocals for a near-perfect chamber pop sound that brings instruments and voices in only when appropriate. That approach keeps the arrangements fluid like a symphony.

Overall, Typhoon sounds like Arcade Fire filtered through a wedge of swiss cheese. The space in their music is like the difference between seeing a building and seeing its blueprints and that mastery of empty space is an achievement made all the more impressive by their 10-person lineup. So impressive, in fact, that the band has earned slots at MFNW, SXSW and even featured slots on NRP's "All Songs Considered."