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Typhoon and Laura Gibson and Boise Oh My

Wednesday, Nov. 7 at Visual Arts Collective


A handful of Oregon musicians will bring songs of transformation and travel to Visual Arts Collective, Wednesday Nov. 7.

Portland, Ore.,'s Typhoon come armed with intensely personal songs. Singer and principal songwriter Kyle Morton wrote on Typhoon's website that the intimate tracks on the troupe's forthcoming album, White Lighter, "perhaps ought to be burned or buried rather than paraded before an audience." But, luckily, what starts out solemn is turned cathartic by Typhoon's large, orchestral cast.

Laura Gibson, on the other hand, finds release through pilgrimage. With her January release, La Grande, Gibson's songwriting has transformed from soft and timid to bright and confident.

Lost Lander will join its Portland peers, rounding out the Oregon trifecta.

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