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Two Years After Flood Damage, Restored Plantation Island Bridge Hoisted Into Place


  • JJ Max
Nearly two years after a Plantation Island bridge spanning the Boise River was severely damaged by spring flooding, a restored bridge was hoisted into place today, reforging a critical link from the Garden City Greenbelt pathway to the Boise River Greenbelt. The 100-foot, 35,000-pound steel bridge will be fully functional and open to the public in about two weeks. Contractors said they still have to repave about 1,200 feet of pathway leading to the bridge.

Officials with the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands raised nearly $200,000 from more than 170 private donors to help fund the restoration work and another $60,000 for new greenbelt paving to complete the job.

IFPL, founded in 1972, is Idaho's oldest land trust.