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Two Very Slow News Days


This week, we in the BW editorial cave finally got around to reading the Guardian UK's recent article about Idaho, "Journey to the Heart of Bushlandia." At first, our consensus was that author Oliver Burkemann had concocted a hackneyed and lazy portrayal of our state based on improbable quotes and inaccurate descriptions. "Idaho isn't that backward," we insisted. But those damned Google news alerts have a way of making us zip up and accept our humiliation.

A former BYU-Idaho campus police officer by the name of Rodney Moad was arrested in Rexburg last month for allegedly giving an alcoholic beverage to a minor in an apartment 11 months ago. The local ABC affiliate KIFI Local News 8 explains, "According to the 'victim's' father [sarcastic quotes added], Moad gave the alcoholic drinks to his son at an apartment in Rexburg." Moad, who had been terminated from the Rexburg Police Department this February for undisclosed reasons, pleaded not guilty to the crime at his June 1 pre-trial hearing, reports the BYU-Idaho campus newspaper Scroll Online. He faces a trial by jury this September.