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Two Boise TV Stations: Two Differing, Emotional Opinions on Roadside Memorials


Two emotional but differing opinions on roadside memorials are being voiced on opposing newscasts at two Boise television stations.

On Nov. 28, KIVI-TV's top story, dubbed "Accident Trauma," featured an interview with Kimberly Thomas, who recalled the night of Dec. 10, 2012 when her car collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Floating Feather Road and Idaho Highway 16. Thomas survived the crash, but 16-year-old Shauna Hill, a passenger in the second vehicle, died of blunt force trauma. Today, a white cross on Floating Feather Road in Eagle stands in remembrance of Hill.

"My life, as it was, ended that night on that highway," Thomas told KIVI. "I have flashbacks of hitting that car over and over again."

Thomas said she's being treated for anxiety, depression and PTSD—but the main source of her current anxiety, she said, was that white cross bearing Shauna Hill's name near the location of the accident.

"It's like having it shoved back in my face again," said Thomas. "It's a constant reminder to me of that event, of that night."

In a separate report on another Boise TV station, KTVB-TV reported Dec. 18 that the family of Shauna Hill said the "recent news story [on KIVI-TV] insults anyone who has taken the time to put up a memorial."

"[The memorial] is a reminder of safety," Haley Hill, sister of Shauna told KTVB-TV. "Every time you drive past it, you know to slow down."