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Turn Your Twitter Handle Into a Trendy Trinket

Social media makes its mark on your jewelry box


So your pockets are lined with a little post-Christmas padding. Why not pull a Snoop Dogg and spend a chunk of it on some absolutely frivolous bling? Well, Survival of the Hippest has your ostentatious, mink coat-clad back.

The online jewelry store boasts the ridiculous Social Status Collection, which features personalized, handcrafted Twitter handle necklaces made out of 925 sterling silver, 10K or 14K gold. Survival of the Hippest boasts that its "custom-designed st@tus symbols for the ultra-chic and the uber-geek" are bound to "increase your social net worth."

"It's a perfectly subtle way to identify yourself to your existing Twitterfriends (who may not recognize you from your proper name or tiny Twitter picture at a party or networking event) and a gentle conversation starter to garner new followers along the way."

Options include the regular necklace, the hashtag necklace, the two handle "Tweet-heart" necklace, bracelets, keychains, anklets, pins or tie clips. The price increases based on the number of letters you choose, the type of metal and the chain length you select. You also have the option of encrusting your jewelry with diamonds, crystals, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. Fifteen letters encrusted with diamonds is a very reasonable $1,080 extra.