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The horror movie genre must make a lot of money for movie executives. What other explanation could there be for why so many mindless, overly gory films come out one after another, the only differences being the premises and the titles.

One of the latest is a film about naive American and British tourists being nabbed while trying to party their way through the apparently oversexed country of Brazil. Turistas is a project of Fox Atomic, the same company that brought us last year's remake of The Hills Have Eyes and its sequel.

The DVD case sports a reviewer's boast that this movie is "A Better and Scarier Film Than Hostel." Hostel wasn't the best or scariest movie, but, to be honest, none of these blood-and-guts, t-and-a-filled films are "good" in any classical sense. At the very least, though, the writers and producers chose a topic that should scare the hell out of world travelers.

If you're a diehard fan of the genre, this title ought to be adequate to get you through until the next one rolls off the assembly line. If not, there's nothing spectacular about the film, except maybe that the guy who played "Cougar" in Top Gun directed it.