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Tugboat, Terrapin Station, Nov. 21


Sometimes playing in one band isn't quite enough. This is where a side project or another group can take a musical journey to places where the first band just can't or won't go. On Saturday at Terrapin Station, two members of Boise rock act Fighting Cassius left the moniker behind to take the stage with their other group, Tugboat.

Within Tugboat--which played a short instrumental set, drifting into heavier indie rock--the roster has changed around a bit recently. The same musicians are there, but on different instruments, which in turn makes for a slightly different sound. During their set, they maintained a dual focus on both rhythm and melody, and crunching guitar riffs were offset by a stark violin, all held down by a cataclysmic thunder of drums. Tugboat delivers an endearing and enthusiastic show, in which the members always have a good time and transfer that feeling to the audience as well.