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Tuesday Night Flights


Pug Ostling, the purveyor of Boise's Grape Escape, recently said that the "right" wine is the one that you like. Oh so true. Wine drinkers know that a grilled rib eye begs for a full-bodied red, and that a spicy Thai dish pairs well with a pinot grigio. Roasted chicken in a cream sauce? Bring on the chardonnay. Margherita pizza? Perhaps a nice syrah. But who says that these "rules" are steadfast? Ostling says to go with the one that grabs you--and he should know, he has run Grape Escape for 35 years. The wine bar and eatery has been offering wine flights--a great way to taste and compare several wines at once--for 16 of them. He and his staff, including chef Josh Jeffrey who was recently brought on (see for more), are committed to lining 'em up and providing a mid-week opportunity to find the one that makes you sit back and forget the daily grind for a while.

Grab a table inside or brave the weather and plant yourself on the patio to people watch on one of downtown Boise's busiest corners. Wine flights consist of five samples of different wines for $5, $6 or $7, depending on which ones spark your interest. Ostling and his staff are willing and more than able to help the novice wine drinker make a selection and to offer extra info to connoisseurs. If you didn't know before, you do now--there's a new day of the week to look forward to: T.G.I.Tuesday.

Every Tuesday night, 5 p.m., $5-$7. Grape Escape, 800 W. Idaho St., 208-368-0200.