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TSheets Launches New April 1 'Feature:' Adjusting Work Schedule to 'New York Minutes'


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Eagle-based software company TSheets, developer of one of the fastest growing time management systems in the nation, has an idea to give the American worker more time in the day by adopting a "New York minute."

Starting April 1, company officials said, "what we’re releasing is a button on the app to switch to 'New York minutes,' which are 58 seconds rather than 60 seconds.”

According to TSheets analyst Patrick Adcock: “You could get back 50 minutes in your day. I think it’s exciting to see Boise become like a little tech-hub, with how small businesses are sprouting up all over the place.”

TSheets also cautions us, and its unsuspecting customers, to take its New York Minute announcement in the spirit of today being April 1. In other words: No, time will not run any faster and, yes, it's a very clever April Fool's joke.


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