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Try This Beer: Yam, It Feels Good to Be a Thankster


The latest creation from Payette Brewing Company is a Thanksgiving special. Riffing off the 1992 Geto Boys hit "Damn it Feels Good to Be a Gangsta," Payette's Yam, it Feels Good to Be a Thankster is brewed in collaboration with Sisters, Ore.-based Three Creeks Brewing Company and combines the eponymous yam flavor with marshmallow and brown sugar.

"I saw it on Instagram and had to come check it out," said Chris Ehrman, who was sitting at the Saint Lawrence Gridiron bar Nov. 12, where Yam and three other beers were part of a tap takeover. Other featured beers included the Payette/Three Creeks collaborative saison, Juniper Rising; Payette's Slaughterhouse IPA; and Three Creeks' Crowd Pleaser IPA.

Despite its unusual flavor profile, Ehrman said he was fan of Yam. Payette Brewing sales representative Matt Bull said Yam was the product of a particularly creative meeting between brewers at Payette and Three Creeks.

"It happened over too many beers," Bull said.