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Trump Buys Tamarack? Quick, Check the Calendar


Beware readers, it's April 1.

As per tradition, you may want to peruse Boise Weekly's feature this week: "An April Food's Guide to Idaho History."

The McCall Star-News, as well, can always be counted on to provide some jaw-dropping April 1 news. In 2015, they broke the "news" that controversial former Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna had been hired to serve as chief of schools for the McCall-Donnelly district. In previous years, the Star-News also reported that McCall Memorial Hospital would open a sports bar to help raise revenue and a local hot springs would become a nudist destination.

This morning's Star-News is a doozy. The headline: "Sold. Donald Trump is Suspected Buyer of Tamarack Resort," detailing how The Donald would use Tamarack's chair lifts only for himself, family and private guests. And get this, the Star-News reports that, "To ensure privacy and to keep 'illegals' out, a 100-foot-tall wall will be erected around the resort."

Not to be outdone, this morning's Coeur d'Alene Press reports that "weary of taxpayer whining, officials from Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene merged their cities last night in a special meeting that will lead to more conservative spending and big refunds for citizens."

The Channel 6 "On Your Side" news team at Boise's KIVI-TV had a unique look
Friday morning. Good Morning Idaho news anchors Spencer Blake and Jillian Garrigues and weather anchor Dani Beckstrom delivered the pre-sunrise headlines, donning some new hairstyles, causing more than a few double-takes from sleepy-eyed viewers. The wigs were courtesy of Angels In Your Corner.

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