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Truestack is available at The Record Exchange for $17.99


Jenga has been a popular party game since the 1970s. The name is derivative of the Swahili word kujenga, which means "to build." The objective of the game is the opposite of the meaning. Instead, players take things away from the tower, hoping to not knock it over.

Over the years, the game has taken many forms. More recently, it's become a popular bar game, often bars or breweries will have "giant Jenga" sets.

Jenga, the official brand of the game, has sold more than 80 million sets, with 4.3 billion individual blocks sold.

There are also a number of knock-off games, including those of the boozy variety.

Truestack, a Jenga-style game, that gets two to four players loaded whilst removing bricks, attempting not to topple the tower. Each brick has instructions such as "take a drink," "drink two," "make a rule" and "person to your right takes a drink."

Truestack is available at The Record Exchange for $17.99.

—Xavier Ward

Truestack, $17.99,