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Trim the Fat



Dear Minerva,

This last year, I got sober, got divorced, went back to college, lost my full-time job and am now learning to live on a budget with my new part-time job. Through this all, I had a guy friend who became my neighbor and more. I helped him financially when he was out of work and still do things like cook, clean and do laundry for him. I have a great time with him and see him almost every day, but he won't commit to official boyfriend dating status until I lose weight. I had weight-loss surgery over five years ago and have kept off more than 100 pounds, but he wants a tiny little trophy by his side. I admit l fell hard and fast while vulnerable but, as they say in the program, I don't want to give up five minutes before the miracle. I have already been through two rough marriages but don't feel like I am out of the game at 41. I would love an opinion from someone outside of my normal circles on whether to stick it out or cut him off completely. I think we are too far gone to just be friends again.



Dear Frustrated,

You should trim the fat: HIM! Kick him to the curb, sugar. Don't allow a man who can't even wash his own jockey shorts suggest you aren't good enough for him. I doubt he is your miracle—he's probably using you. I suggest moving on.

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