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Trey McIntyre Project's Grounded

Saturday, Oct. 15-Sunday, Oct. 16 at The Morrison Center


If you haven't heard of the Trey McIntyre Project yet, you haven't been paying attention. The local dance company prances all over Boise, partnering with local arts organizations, winning awards and swilling specialty cocktails named after the company's dancers.

But Boise isn't the only town TMP has taken over. Since it was founded, the troupe has made waves across the globe. The Washington Post praised TMP for its "fresh and forward-thinking choreography." And in the spring of 2012, TMP will storm Asia, swinging through China, South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam as cultural ambassadors for the Dance Motion USA tour.

Before storming the world, TMP will kick off its fourth season in Boise with Grounded. TMP Executive Director John Michael Schert said the theme for Boise this season is "welcome home."

"The idea of welcome home is our continued investment in the Boise community, really choosing this as our homebase and wanting to be here as much as possible and reconnecting," said Schert.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, and Sunday, Oct. 16, TMP will perform three new ballets at the Morrison Center as part of Grounded: "Gravity Heroes," "Oh, Inverted World" and "In Dreams."

"What this show at the Morrison Center really represents is the feeling of being grounded. So not only growing upwards and reaching new heights, but also growing internally and growing in depth and growing a root system, which is connecting us with our home community of Boise," said Schert.