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Trey McIntyre Project


Nov. 10


Boise is an eight-hour drive from a metropolitan area with more than 1 million people. The West's wide-open spaces haven't, however, proved to be a barrier to preaching the gospel of Boise's brand of cool. Institutions like Trey McIntyre Project have been instrumental in putting Boise on the world's cultural map.

But TMP hasn't just been propping up Boise's image abroad: It's bringing abroad to the Morrison Center. The Korea National Contemporary Dance Company will join TMP for a new production Saturday, Nov. 10, with performances at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Admission cost $20-$63 and tickets are available online at

There are few universal languages, but along with mathematics, Mozart and suggestive glances from across the room, dance surely ranks in the top five. TMP's collaboration with the KNCDC is a rare chance for an American audience to experience Korean themes without the aid of an interpreter.

Founded by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2010, the KNCDC's mission is much like TMP's--to popularize contemporary dance at home and collaborate with other troupes abroad. Its Artistic Director Sung-yop Hong has helped pioneer contemporary dance in his home country of South Korea and brought its artistry to audiences in Europe and the United States.

Audiences already familiar with TMP can revel in watching Boise's own paired with a new partner, while dance newcomers can enjoy a kinetic exchange between cultures.