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Trey McIntyre Project

Year 2, Program 1


Coming off a successful first year, the Trey McIntyre Project begins Year 2 of their existence as a year-round dance company based in Boise. McIntyre and his company continue to impress audiences, critics and dance fans around the country and throughout the world with their innovative embodiments of movement and music.

Program 1, the first of 3 performances in Boise, will be at the Morrison Center for the Performing Arts in Boise on October 17, 2009. The program will include (serious), McIntyre's dance for 3 people set to the music of Henry Cowell. Look for "Like A Samba" set to a septet of songs by Asrrud Gilberto. TMP will also debut a new piece, "The Sun Road," set to the music of Blackfoot Native Pow-wow music and songs by Paul Simon and Nina Simone. "I was commissioned by Wolf Trap National Park to make a work about Glacier National Park for their 'Face of America' series," says McIntyre. "They asked if I would focus on environmental issues and the impending total loss of the glaciers. There is a road there, which connects two sides of the park, called "Going to the Sun Road." I think of the title "The Sun Road" in a couple of ways. One, the pathway we are on that makes us literally hotter, like getting closer to the sun. Two, our moral/spiritual path/relationship to the natural world around us...the human struggle to be good, to connect to something higher than ourselves. The piece features large scale video projections of content that we filmed in the park, with the dancers reacting with the natural environment."

To see a video preview of "The Sun Road" taped on location at the source of the inspiration, visit