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Trey McIntyre Project: Final Boise Performance

Saturday, March 15


In January, Boise Weekly reported that big changes were afoot at Trey McIntyre Project. Founder Trey McIntyre announced a "bold new creative direction" that included more photography, lecturing and filmmaking--and less of the artform that made his a household name in the City of Trees: dancing.

The move polarized fans. Some applauded his transition into other media. Some cried foul. Ultimately, however, admirers and detractors of McIntyre's decision alike can bid a bittersweet farewell to the dance company that became Boise's cultural ambassador to the world.

That farewell comes in the form of TMP's final Boise performances Saturday, March 15, at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. at the Morrison Center, where the company will perform McIntyre's two newest works: Mercury Half-Life, with music by Queen; and a group of contemporary ballets, The Vinegar Works: Four Dances of Moral Instruction, McIntyre's last choreography for the full-time dance company inspired by illustrator, writer and ballet aficionado Edward Gorey.

However you feel about McIntyre's decision to pursue other interests, the man and his work made a mark on Boise and TMP's final Boise performance is an event not to be missed.