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Treefort Will Return

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After months of planning and hype, Boise's grand experiment, Treefort Music Fest, finally came to fruition. And though it will take a long time to fully assess the effects, here's what we know so far:

More than 1,100 four-day passes were sold, and Artistic Director Eric Gilbert told Boise Weekly that the festival sold out of its one-day passes. An estimated 3,000 people per day attended the festival.

"We got to the point where we weren't even selling any more wristbands because there were lines out the door," Gilbert said.

Festival organizers capped four-day wristband sales at 1,200, and estimated that selling 1,000 would put the festival in the black.

But that's just data. The question everyone wants to know is will there be another Treefort Music Fest next year?

"I think we realized the first night that it would happen again next year," said Gilbert.

In fact, organizers are already scheduling their first planning meeting for next year's event.

One downtown venue that was scheduled to be a part of Treefort but had to back out at the last second was The Bouquet.

The club closed its doors early this year. Shortly afterward, a sign went up in the window advertising that a new company, Mercury Management LLC, would soon be taking over. But it wasn't much later that Mercury Management announced via Facebook that the company would not be taking over The Bouquet and would instead be searching for a new downtown location for a club.

In early March, Bouquet owner Tyson Twilegar told BW that his goal was to find someone to run the bar portion of the club, while he continued to run the music. Though the pairing with Mercury Management hadn't worked out, he said he would actively continue the search, and if no one was found in time for Treefort, he would open the club himself for one night.

Unfortunately that didn't happen.

"My attorney informed me last week that the previous tenants had not returned the paper liquor license, which we cannot operate without," Twilegar told BW.

He also said that it would have taken a minimum of two weeks to get the license reprinted from Alcohol Beverage Control.

The Treefort showcase scheduled for The Bouquet was moved to Pengillys Saloon, and Twilegar's search for a new bar manager continues.