Treefort Friday Don't Miss: Slow Magic

Friday, March 22, 11:40 p.m.-12:25 a.m. at China Blue Lounge Room


It's easy to picture a Slow Magic dance party like an underwater film sequence--languid, rubbery arms snake in slow motion as legs kick up watery currents. In fact, most tracks and remixes by the dreamwave electronic act, which describes itself as "music by your imaginary friend," feel like they were recorded underwater.

Slow Magic's remix of Bon Iver's "Hinnom, TX" gives Iver's spooky, echoing lilt an upbeat-yet-still-molasses-slow makeover. Other tracks like "On Yr Side" feature a dreamy echo and thumping beats with ethereal, repetitive vocals.

Slow Magic joins fellow electronic acts CC/NN, RUMTUM and qp Friday, March 22, on China Blue's second story, blue-lit dance floor, which might be the closest you'll come to an underwater dance party at this year's festival.