Treefort Friday Don't Miss: Rose Windows

Friday, March 22, 10-10:40 p.m. at Neurolux


Rose Windows' debut album, The Sun Dogs, recalls verdant gardens and lazy afternoon naps.

Tumbling flutes and slowly strummed guitars give the LP's title track some hippie flavor, accentuated by Rabia Qazi's deep, resonating vocals, but the aesthetic and mild tempo can't hide the band's tight vocal harmonies, instrumental competence and brilliant engineering.

The brainchild of songwriter, maestro and guitarist Chris Cheveyo, Rose Windows formed in 2010 in Seattle when Cheveyo tired of the limitations of his heavy post-rock project.

Rose Windows, which recently signed to Sub Pop, has an expansive sound that comes from seven members harmonizing and gracing songs with organ, flute and piano.

On "Summertime"--a song worthy of a Wes Anderson soundtrack--church organ and synthesizer are the backbone of a prolonged intro that pivots into a drum-driven track featuring Qazi's lyrics, drenched in Pacific Northwest lassitude.