Treefort Friday Don't Miss: Pickwick

Friday, March 22, 5:50-6:40 p.m. at Main Stage


Pickwick's star has been on a steady rise during the past year. And it's not random. After tossing out all their material to reboot themselves in 2010, the Seattle indie rockers found themselves pulled into the burgeoning neo-soul movement. And it was a good move.

Slap a beard and a set of hipster glasses on Wilson Pickett, then toss in a healthy dose of Northwest angst and you end up with Pickwick.

The band keeps the humming organs, gritty vocal croons and jiggling tambourines, but it dabbles more in minor keys than the crew at Stax Records, adding a more complex, bluesy edge to its soul. Pickwick also bring high energy to their live shows--which often end with a stage full of volunteer percussionists, or frontman Galen Disston crowd surfing.

Energized by their new sound, Pickwick released a series of 7-inch records, gaining enough buzz to turn the ear of Seattle taste-making radio station KEXP, which featured the band several times in its live performance series.

This year marks the much-anticipated release of Pickwick's debut full-length album, Can't Talk Medicine.