Treefort Sunday Don't Miss: Emily Wells

Sunday, March 24, 10-10:40 p.m. at Neurolux


Emily Wells' haunting, dark songs combine the sexuality of Lana Del Rey, the atmosphere of The XX and the pop sensibilities of a hip-hop or R&B producer.

Wells uses synth, violins and looping over bump-worthy beats to weave the sorts of dangerously siren-like pop songs that can only come from one deeply skilled in the act of breaking hearts into a million little pieces.

"Mama's going to give you love," she croons with the tone of a beckoning spider.

"Dirty sneakers and underwear / lost myself in your dirty hair," she laments.

"You let your guard down," she warns with a voice that sounds like it's coming from the depths of an abyss.

Intriguing, catchy and a little bit naughty, Wells makes the sort of pop tunes your mother warned you about.

The only conceivable reason Wells isn't ruling the pop charts is that no record label would dare to sign her for fear of her breaking their hearts, as well.