Treefort Sunday Don't Miss: Dan Deacon

Sunday, March 24, 8:30-10 p.m. at Main Stage


Over the last decade, Baltimore electronic virtuoso Dan Deacon has made a name for himself among the underground music set. Lauded for his 2009 release Bromst, Deacon launches headlong into crashing electro-pop sounds on his most recent album, America.

Released by Domino Records in 2012, America lives up to its name as an exploration of the United States in its varied forms. Deacon describes rejecting his own label, citing dissatisfaction with American consumerism--a political view on display with his school bus-turned-vegetable-powered tour van. But it wasn't until after traveling abroad that Deacon was forced to come to terms with his heritage and assign his own definitions to what "America" means.

The album's bounciest song stands out among Deacon's other work. "True Thrush" features a bright, vibrant beat punctuated by bass to create an energetic track fit for getting down. Pair that with Deacon's smartphone app, which turns audience members' smartphones into flickering lights tied to the beat, and you get an unrivaled dance party.

Deacon will not only play the Treefort Main Stage Sunday, March 24, but linger on for a DJ set at the Linen Building later that evening.