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Treefort 2018: Talking Misfits With Chelsea Bolin and Lidia Yuknavitch at Storyfort


Literature is literally visceral for Portland, Oregon-based author Lidia Yuknavitch.

"Everyone is carrying around all the actual stories of their lives in their own bodies," she said March 23 at the Storyfort ballroom in the Owyhee.

Her emphasis on the body—its pleasures and pains, traumas, aversions and scars—are some of the things that make Yuknavitch's work pointed, full of misfits, rebels and outcasts. At a March 22 Storyfort event, "Fiction, Fitting In, and Standing Out," she and Canadian novelist Chelsea Bolan and author Adam Voith read from their work and discussed what it means to be an outsider and the power of the artist's voice.