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Treefort 2015: Venn and the Art of Festival Maintenance

Diagramming the interconnections at Treefort Music Fest



Last year was the 180th anniversary of the birth of English thinker John Venn, who popularized the use of interlocking circles to show the relationship(s) between different sets of data. His technique came to be called the Venn diagram and is a standard tool used by logicians, mathematicians, computer scientists and Boise third-graders learning how to compare and contrast.


The beauty of the Venn diagram is its simplicity and versatility, reducing complex systems to easily visualized parts of a whole. If you're looking for a complex system in Boise, look no further than Treefort Music Fest. With more than 400 bands appearing at more than two dozen venues over the course of five days—Wednesday, March 25-Sunday, March 29—we could all use a little help navigating the multitude of options. Aside from the musical acts, festival goers also have the opportunity to see films, participate in yoga sessions, take in stand-up comedy, learn about storytelling, view presentations on craft brewing and learn about technology.


Described as a "festival of discovery," Treefort 2015 invites attendees to take a journey through all these elements. Boise Weekly took the liberty of looking at a handful of events taking place across the festival and presenting how they overlap with one another—using, you guessed it, Venn diagrams.There are dozens of other examples, but we hope seeing the ways in which some of this year's festival offerings fit together helps you choose your own Treefort adventure.

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