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Treasure Valley Roller Girls Open Season Against Southern Oregon

Saturday, April 16, at the Qwest Arena


From Lara Croft's cleavagey tomb raiding to Sucker Punch's gun-wielding temptresses, we love a woman who will take names and kick ass. In Idaho, we have our own lady badasses: the Treasure Valley Roller Girls.

With derby names like Hellen Brimstone and Ana Rampage, you know they mean business. Heavily adorned with tattoos, scowls and flexed muscles, these gals make enemies run (or skate) away terrified. Any fan of Uma Thurman's The Bride in Kill Bill will worship these ladies--each derby is an act of sometimes-bloody vengeance.

And, luckily for us, the season is about to begin--with a double header, no less. This Saturday, April 16, the Treasure Valley Roller Girls take on both the Salt City Shakers and the Southern Oregon Rollergirls at the Qwest Arena. The night promises lots of action with the ladies slamming, pushing and forcing their opponents out of the rink. Scores will be settled, bones could be broken and fights will be won. So don't miss the TVR season opener--these girls have some blood-lust to satiate.