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Treasure Valley Roller Derby



Cities have hidden gems rarely noticed or observed by visitors. In Boise, one of those gems is the Treasure Valley Roller Derby, one of Boise's best-kept secrets. A huge deal in cities like Portland, Ore., and Denver, Colo., roller derby is a high-contact amateur sport in which players try to lap members of the opposing team on an elliptical track, and both teams can play offense and defense simultaneously.

TVRD is hosting Game Two at Expo Idaho, where Boise River Rollers will face off Saturday, March 25 against the Gallatin Roller Girlz, and the Owyhee Outlaws will ride against the Sawtooth Sirens for points and glory. This is the first match of the season featuring two new home teams. Adding to the spectacle will be Evolution Dance, which will perform at intermission.

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