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Treasure Valley Dog Shows

Runs through Sunday, Oct. 13


Most of us are thrilled when our dogs don't make us look like fools and are ecstatic when they come when called. But that's nothing compared to the feats of obedience and skill on display at the Treasure Valley Dog Shows.

For 57 years, the Idaho Capital City and Lizard Butte Kennel clubs have made most of us look like deadbeat pet owners. From Thursday, Oct. 10-Sunday, Oct. 13, the show is back at Expo Idaho, with more than 1,200 dogs competing in rally and obedience events, agility trials and AKC-required canine good-citizen testing.

Humans can check out dog- and human-food vendors (try not to get the two confused), and find exactly what your pooch needs for whatever activity you enjoy.

As much as everyone would like to see your Chihuahua in a Boise State University cheerleader costume, please remember this event only welcomes dogs registered to compete at the show.