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Treasure Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games

Saturday, Sept. 13


Fun fact: While we associate Celtic culture with the British Isles, its ethnic origins like farther east, to present-day Central Europe. So whether your ancestors hailed from Austria or Ireland, slap on your woad dye and strap on your kilt for a full day of Celtic music, dancing, athletic competitions, food and drink Saturday, Sept. 13.

This year marks the second time Boise hosts Professional Highland Game athletes, skilled in Scottish heavy events like the Braemar stone and caber toss. Catch the Idaho State Amateur Championship, as well, while you listen to a range of traditional and Celtic-inspired music from Swagger, Guess When, Thee Corvids and pipe bands including the Boise Highlanders and City of Trees. Folk dancing takes place throughout the day, as does the eating and drinking. Catch the clan parades and mass bands for an inspiring display of bród.