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Treasure Valley Air Quality Further Compromised by Fires


FIR0002, CC BY 3.0

Yet another large fire contributed to the Treasure Valley's unhealthy air conditions Tuesday morning. The blaze swept through huge onion sheds at the JC Watson Packing Company, lighting up Parma's Main Street.

Parma fire officials said heat from a transformer triggered the blaze, which knocked out power to about 1,000 Idaho Power customers in the early morning hours. Utility crews were able to restore service by mid-morning while firefighters were expected to remain on the scene through much of the day.

Meanwhile, investigators are still looking for a cause into a large fire that burned through the Diamond Street Recycling facility south of the Boise Airport earlier this week. That fire burned for the better part of 24 hours through brush, leaves, dried grass and wood chips at the recycling operation.

According to the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, current air conditions in the Treasure Valley are "moderate," with smoke from the Diamond Street fire expected to continue.

The poor air quality from the two Treasure Valley fires and the effects of the Pioneer Wildfire, still burning in the Boise National Forest, forced some school districts to cancel some of their outdoor trainings or events Monday evening.