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Transistor Send

Friday, Dec. 21, Neurolux


There is an immersive quality to Transistor Send's music that makes the $7 cover for its upcoming show at Neurolux seem low, as though tickets have been subsidized by the government or something. The band includes Casey Cathey and Zach Sherwood, both from Boise, and they have an especially compelling polish on their alt-pop sound. Their latest album, Serotonin (self-released, 2018), is a lovely companion album to alt-J's 2012 album An Awesome Wave (Infectious), and it comes off like a buffet of shoegaze-y melodies that have impressive depth and voice. Every track feels like the end of the party but the beginning of a feeling—an ambiance many bands have tried to capture, but which Transistor Send has the chops and attention to detail to achieve.

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