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Trailer Parks under Fire


Randy Hoffer has apparently avoided an arrest warrant from the city of Boise over his trailer park on Overland Road. Monday afternoon, Hoffer's attorney, Richard Roats, said Hoffer would make himself available to receive several citations the city has prepared over code violations. Roats did not return a BW call for comment.

It all started back in late September, when Boise Police officers responded to the trailer park on a domestic violence report. They found, among other things, a burned-out trailer with people living inside, and several other indicators that the park was not up to city code. Inspections followed, and the city eventually sent notice to Hoffer that he had to firm up his infrastructure in several areas, or face a cutoff of his electrical supply.

It didn't get any easier when Hoffer told residents saying that the city's posted code violation notices weren't true, said Jerry Todd, a spokesman for the city.

"These were all very misleading," Todd said. "These people were living in a dangerous situation." But just before the city was to turn off power last Friday, Mayor Dave Bieter decided that he didn't want to be responsible for cutting off power to residents of the park right away, and offered an extension until November 3.

"This was an effort to give them more time to find alternate living arrangements," Todd said. Since then, a group of local charity groups have stepped in, including Catholic Charities and the local office of Red Cross.

But Hoffer's troubles may not end there. He now has four violations pending against him, with penalties of up to $300 each or 6 months in jail, per violation. And more trouble may be coming still: county records show Hoffer owns more than a dozen trailer parks throughout the Treasure Valley.