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Trade Wings for a Wii

Meridian restaurant hosts wing-eating competition ...


Once the Thanksgiving food coma has subsided, the post-Thanksgiving wine hangover (see the above paragraph) has cleared and you're ready to stuff yourself silly again, sign up for Rick's Press Room's first-ever wing off.

Compete in one of three heat levels depending on either your wussy tolerance for heat or your mad fire-breathing skills. Heat 3, aka Fire, is open to all ages, and he or she who scarfs the most in three minutes wins a $75 gift certificate to Rick's Press Room. Heat 2, aka Blazin', is open to the over-21 crowd only; the winner gets a $100 gift card. And Heat 1, aka Insane, is also only for the over-21 crowd, and the grand prize is either a really sweet holiday gift for yourself or a re-gift to the gamer in your life: a Wii gaming system. How about we recap that for you: A $10 entry fee gets you as many wings as you can eat so long as you can tolerate some serious Scoville units for a chance at a Wii. Sounds like a decent trade for one extreme eater--possibly without tastebuds or at least willing to sacrifice them for a win--with a hankering for Super Mario.

Competition is Saturday, Dec. 5, at high noon. Call Rick's to register at 208-288-0558. 130 E. Idaho Ave., Meridian,