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Finn Riggins' Eric Gilbert sent a communique to Boise Weekly the other day asking/suggesting/encouraging that we make a spot on the bright and shiny for tour diaries.

"Tour diaries?" we asked.

"Yes, tour diaries," he replied. "The Willamette Week in Portland does this cool thing on their site where they host tour diaries of local bands ... and they stay on the site archived over time ... I was wondering if the BW might be interested in doing such a thing? We'd gladly post stuff from time to time on the road to update folks at home with what we're up to out there on the battlefield," added Gilbert.

We loved the idea and told Gilbert to put his thinking/writing cap on. Finn Riggins--who, as we reported a couple of weeks ago, are out conquering the East and West coasts--will be the first travelers to have a tour diary. While the whole setup is not quite ready at this printing, it won't be long before a visit to will reveal a multitude of multimedia missives from Finn Riggins and other local troubadours as they spread music and love to the rest of the world (or at least Pocatello and Idaho Falls).

Want to participate? The rules for contributing are as simple as the village idiot:

1. You must endeavor to include photos and video.

2. You must be from Boise or the surrounding areas.

3. You must actually be out on tour.

We want you to write about flat tires, missed shows, stolen equipment, drunken hook-ups, cool connections, asshole bar owners, crazy co-eds, couch surfing--we want to read about all of it.

And as for us, we will not rule with an iron fist over this crazy kingdom: The entries will post as written, warts and all. If you are a terrible speller, have a propensity for palaver or can't write yourself out of a paper bag, not our problem. We will not be responsible for your stupidity nor will we take credit for your brilliance. These are your stories in your words.

If you are in a local band and would like to contribute, drop me a note at and let me know. Once the diaries are set up and running smoothly, I'll let you know how to get in on it.