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Tour de Fat 2010


By now, most Boiseans aren't the least bit phased when a pack of cape-clad superheroes pedal past on fixed gears or a dude breezes by on a giant, glistening fish bike. If it's a sunny Saturday morning in August and the two-wheeled eccentrics are out in full-force, it's got to be Tour de Fat.

The folks at New Belgium are bringing their bike-loving roadshow back through town on Saturday, Aug. 21, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a full day of cruisers and cold ones. In addition to a bike parade beginning at 10 a.m., there will also be live music, circus-style bike tricks, a car/bike trade, lots of beer tents and more wacky costumes than you can shake a wrench at.

This year, New Belgium has taken a trip up to Mt. Brewski and come up with the 10 Commandments of Tour de Fat that must not be broken: "1.) Put no means of transport before thy bike; 2.) Honor all other bikes: All bikes are good bikes, and all those who ride them are good people; 3.) May every generation come forth; 4.) Thou shall come as a participant not a spectator: It's a costumed celebration of human-powered transportation; 5.) Thou shalt not bring booze; But enjoy the supplied malted adult refreshments responsibly; 6.) New Belgium shalt not profit: Our goal is to raise money for bicycle and environmental charities; 7.) Remember the purpose, and bring not your pooches; 8.) Keep the day true with thy good juju: The ride is free, but we suggest a $5 donation to the good bike advocates who are putting it on for you; 9.) Thou shall rise early ... once we're full, we will handle overflow like a restaurant or bar: one in, one out; 10.) Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors' bike."

Follow these rules, and you're sure to snag a seat in Tour de Fat heaven.