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Toronto Mayor's Brother: Rob Ford Needs a 'Little Bit of Counseling'

The embattled mayor is considering his options, including rehab, his lawyer said Friday.


Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is considering his options, including rehab, his lawyer, Dennis Morris, said Friday.

However, Morris said it was up to Ford to say himself what he planned to do after a new video emerged Thursday showing the mayor threatening to kill someone in a drunken tirade. That came after Ford's stunning confession earlier in the week to smoking crack.

"It's best we hear from his lips," Morris told the Associated Press.

"When you go left, he goes right."

Ford's older brother, who is also a councilor, said he had advised the mayor to seek a "little bit of counseling."

A short break would give Ford enough time to “kick-start” his life with a “fresh outlook, a fresh mind on things,” Doug Ford said Friday during an interview on radio AM640.

But Doug Ford joined his mother and sister in playing down the mayor’s drinking and drug use.

“Rob does not come in drunk, he doesn’t come in hammered, Rob is not a crack addict and I’m not a naïve brother,” he said.

The mayor’s mother, Diane, admitted during a television interview on Thursday that her youngest son has "problems" and needed to "smarten up a little bit,” while his sister, Kathy said he was not a drug addict.

“I know because I’m a former addict,” she told CP24’s Stephen LeDrew.

Ford, who is under mounting pressure to step aside or resign, has apologized for the expletive-fueled rant, but has refused to identify the target of his rage.

"Obviously, I was extremely, extremely inebriated," he said Thursday within minutes of the video being made public.

"I've made mistakes. I don't know what to say."

Thursday’s video came after Ford’s confession on Tuesday that he smoked crack cocaine in a “drunken stupor” about a year ago.

Police said they have a video that appears to show Ford smoking a crack pipe.