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Top 7 Weirdest Spam E-mail Names


1. Confusions H. Telephotos (Are you lookin' at me?)

2. Bidden V. Wateriest (Porn star in the making.)

3. Ta, allalo (Allalo to you, too!)

4. Carcinoma A. Vagrants (The bad news is you only have 6 months to live; the good news is at least you'll be off the street.)

5. Felony P. Corine (With a name like this, she's just asking for trouble.)

6. Fluctuations O. Recta (Yes, I want to be a proctologist. No, I don't want to. Yes, I do. No, I don't ... )

7. Perfumed C. Trousers (Je m'appelle Pepe LePew.)