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Top 7 Web Comments Following Publication of "Headbanging Fugitive Alert" (BW, TRUE CRIME, Nov. 2):

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1."i just rubbed one out, and i like metallica too. why don't you report on that."

2."Idaho sucks ... f*** the police"

3."What a f***ing dipshit. Talk about reaching to make an article related to Metal. Jackass."

4."Consider him armed and dangerous--with METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

5."we should be helping to hide this guy, not help the cops track him by posting this s***!"

6."Dave Mustaine was also given partial credit on the songs 'Ride The Lightning' and 'Call Of the K'Tulu' which weren't on 'Kill 'Em All' but their second album 'Ride The Lightning'."

7."just because someone has a metallica tattoo, doesnt make them a 'superfan'"

--Editorial Note: Yes, it does.

--Sara Beitia and Nicholas Collias